Vanity Domain Name Service


How do I upload my files?

A: Using an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Program, such as CuteFTP for Windows or Fetch for Macintosh.

Where do I upload my files?

A: In order for files to be viewable from your domain name, you MUST upload all of your files into your 'public_html' directory inside your account. Files located outside this folder will not be accessible when accessing your domain name.

How do I redirect people to my new site (from to

A: If you put this code:

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="2; URL=http://www.insert your vanity domain name">

into an index.html file in your account's main directory (NOT the public_html directory), when people go to your old URL ( they will be automatically redirected to your new Vanity Domain ( Also, the command CONTENT="2; refers to the time in seconds to wait before the refresh. You can change it to however many seconds you want.
Click here for an example of this code in action.

What if I want to add additional vanity domains?

A: Only one vanity domain is permitted per Internet Channel Dial-Up or ADSL account. To create another domain, you would need to purchase another account, or our low-cost Basic Web Service.

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